Treat the main source of your stress and drop tactics that only wear down its signs and symptoms.

Stop existing and begin to live: understand straight forward techniques to help you to obstruct stress from making life so challenging

Trust me, grappling with stress will be a lot more simpler when you finally fully comprehend the principles behind it.

Stress is basically a human condition, so there’s no point assuming that you are somehow exempted from it effects. It’s far better to become conversant with the concept to guarantee that you are you have got a lot of familiarity with how to manage it.

In the event that you are disregarding this vital issue thinking;  “this web site does not concern me,” you could be wrong since you won’t notice the truck approaching when it hits you.

Can relaxation or deep breathing type strategies be of any use?

Commonly, people have gravitated towards activities like exercise, meditation and relaxation as the default technique of reducing stress. Unfortunately, you may have found that despite your efforts at using some of these strategies effectively, you never manage to keep your toxic stress level down.

More or less just like a yoyo, you go to the gym or use relaxation tactics just to note that the levels of stress soon begins to drip upwards just as before. So you go back to your stress decreasing activity  to discover that the cycle keeps going. In case you struggle with stress, I’m absolutely sure you recognize exactly what am speaking about.

Our outlook on things, Impacts heavily on our efficacy at coping with stress.

The stress minimising actions are undoubtedly really important and I continually advice individuals to get into the habit of using them as often as possible.

That being said, the leading contributory and usually overlooked factor to the encounter of harmful stress is our outlook.

My suggested resolution of the problem is this. Use relaxing and calming strategies, but use them in connection with strategies that can help to alter the way you generally interprete things.

Improving your capacity to see things differently (seeing the bigger picture) might help you manage stress better.

The manner in which wee visualize things can add a viriety of complexities to coping.

Ice Skating in Beijing

Ice Skating in Beijing (Photo credit:

I can recall one icy morning. I was walking to my office. It had just snowed, so the road was covered in intimidating slippery ice. I had on formal shoes, you know those ones with very smooth soles? Well, you can imagine that I was slipping with every step I took.

In my mind, I saw this image of myself skidding, falling backwards in the air (my mind actually played this back to me in gradual motion), and hitting the ground with an agonizing thump. I grabbed the closest thing i could find and held on tightly. I certainly didn’t want to die.

Then I saw something real strange…

I noticed this kid who must have been about16 years old skiing on top of the ice. His hands behind his back moving calmly and elegantly across the ice, one foot after another in a skating fashion. It was obvious that he was not apprehensive whatsoever.

In my surprise, I smiled at him pretending I was not petrified and watched him go by. What was interesting about this was that I knew how to Ice skate and i have visited the ice ring on many ocassion. So I chose to copy the boy.

At that precise point, my fear and worries about dying from falling vanished totally. I knew how to ice skate and I had realised that I actually had the skill to master it. All I had to do was to employ this skill.

This story suggests a simple yet effective approach for dealing with stress. You see, the manner in which we deal with any difficult issues we are threatened by is wholly decided by how vulnerable we perceive ourselves to be towards those situatutions and our opinions of just how well equipped we are to conten with the situations.

Taking time to examine the larger picture, may help us realise that we actually possess the skill to manage those situations.

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